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Hauptwerk organs in churches

The Maarschalkerweerd-organ of the Bernarduskerk from Hazerswoude is extended with "hauptwerk" stops.
See for more info: Flyer: Presentatie vernieuwde orgel in de Bernarduskerk te Hazerswoude.

The Mixtuur-organ in church of Gereformeerde Gemeente in Sliedrecht.
See for more info: Forum: Nieuw 'Mixtuur' orgel Ger. gem. Sliedrecht.

The Mixtuur-organ in De Levensbron te Goes.
See for more info: De Levensbron / Orgel / De techniek.

An Mixtuur-organ in the Gereformeerde Kerk of Rottevalle. Frans-romantic.

The Hauptwerk organ of the Zion Lutheran Church.
See for more info: Zion Lutheran Church.

James R. Knight Memorial organ

Volsdalen Church in ´┐Żlesund, Norway, see: Large Hauptwerk Church Installation including Jorgensen

Selfmade in church of De Wit brothers: RME Fireface 400, 4 x SM 450 Definitive Speaker, Definitive Cube Subwoofer, 4 channel lexicon reverb, Zwolle Dry / Kampen simulated dry

"Magnus" performed a reconstruction of old, devastated pipe organ in Burzenin (Poland). It is now fully integrated with Hauptwerk. The console has the following features:
  • Rebuilt wooden console based on the original pipe organ console.
  • Ebony 61 keys manuals.
  • Straight pedal, 30 keys with lighting.
  • 45 register plates with LED signaling activity of voices.
  • HWLCD 2x16.
  • semitone transporter.
  • tuning.
  • 15 keys under manuals. 10 free combination. setter. General cancel. Automatic pedal etc
  • EASY ON - electronic power control system of all components in the organ (sound system, power to the computer and MIDI components, and even lighting control of pedal)
  • Reset the audio and MIDI functions.
  • Virtual blower switch. Signaling of activity (turned on by default).
  • Hard off switch of the main sound system.
  • The switches of virtual instruments.
  • Fully compatible with Hauptwerk 4, everything is integrated.
  • Laser-engraved wooden plates with the names of the functions of the instrument.
  • Main instrument: Sonus Paradisi "Velesovo." The disposition of these organ has been placed on register plates.
  • Two alternative instruments: Sonus Paradisi "Freiberg v.2" and the Milan Digital Audio "St. Anne." Disposition of alternative organ was placed above the register plates on wooden plates with laser engraved names of voices.
  • Audio: 12 columns (6 double-column, omnidirectional propagation).

Another Hauptwerk-organ in an old organ case of "Magnus": St. Stanislaw Kostka church in Sulechow, Poland.

A big Hauptwerk organ of "Magnus":
  • 4 wooden manuals
  • 32 glowing pistons
  • Wooden pedalboard 30 keys, parallel. BDO standard.
  • 80 registers (with automatic). 40 on each side.
  • Interchangeable plates with the names of registers.
  • Cressendo roller, and sweel pedal.
  • 7 toepistons.
  • Adjustable Bench.
  • LED lighting on the music rack and pedalboard.
  • Two 2x16 display
  • Wooden casing.
  • Sound: 10 double columns. (60 speakers).
  • EASY-ON - the whole instrument turns on one button. The computer controls everything, including the sound system and LED lighting.
  • Midibutique MIDI implementation. (Thanks Jordan)
  • Computer: Intel Core i7, 24GB RAM (1600MHz), 2x 120 GB SSD (RAID), 2x delta1010lt.
  • Time to fully boot (zwolle DRY, 24bit, uncompressed: 23s)
  • Sample sets: Zwolle v.2 and Caen v.2 (Sonus Paradisi). There will be "Krzeszow" also, as soon as the DRY version will be available.

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